A Place For You!

There is a place for you at the Danville Alliance Church! Here's what some of our recent participants are saying:

A Place For You!


Walk in the light of the Lord.

Last year in 2015 I started going to church again. My Uncle, Jack Divan has been attending Danville Alliance Church for over 26 years. He told me to come with him one Sunday last year and ever since then, I have never wanted to skip a worship service. I have had a couple people in my family pass away. My mother in 2008 died from lung cancer at 50 and my sister in 2014 died in a car accident at 29. Ever since then I have had my faith challenged. Going to the Danville Alliance Church worshiping our Lord again and meeting all of the great people through fellowship has been a great experience spiritually. I encourage others to come join us every Sunday at 10:45 AM to walk in the light of the Lord.


I felt very much at home.

My first impression of Danville Alliance Church was that everyone was glad to welcome me and show God’s love. The pastor and others greeted me at the door and introduced themselves. I felt very much at home.

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