Adult Small Groups

Several adult small groups are continually offered for your participation.  If you would like to be involved, please feel free to contact us at 443-2959.  Current information on each of the groups can be found in our Sunday Bulletin.

More than 75% of our adults are involved in small groups, and with good reason!  Adult small groups offer the following benefits:

1.  They follow the pattern of the New Testament church (Acts 2:42-47).

2.  They offer flexibility in scheduling.

3.  They offer geographic proximity for those who live several miles from the church facility, offering opportunities for involvement closer to home.

4.  They provide opportunity for mutual encouragement and accountability, something that is lacking or very difficult to bring about in larger gatherings.

5 .  They allow interaction and participation, keys to learning and spiritual growth.

6.  They provide avenues for leadership development in each of the groups.

7.  They add the dimension of hospitality to those both inside and – hopefully – those outside the church.

8.  They can allow for times of prayer of a personal nature, which are not always possible in larger settings.

9.  Friendship and fellowship are given a more helpful environment in which to grow.

10.  They move the influence for Christ beyond the church and into neighborhoods.

11.  They are a very good means of incorporating newcomers into relationships with people of the church.

12.  They reflect part of our Lord's own strategy. Jesus reached the multitudes, but poured much of His time into the Twelve who followed and learned from Him.