Welcome! The Great Commission Group has been formed with the purpose of giving some practical support to the mission of Great Commission Women. One of the stated goals of Great Commission Women is to “enlist every fully devoted Christ follower of all generations in effective fervent prayer”. For nearly 100 years, a specific focus of those prayers has been on extending the reach of the Good News into all the world.

The following studies and videos are made available in the hope that it will help your group to pray for Alliance International Workers (and the nations in which they serve) in an informed manner. Feel free to use them as needed!

Envision: Cleveland, Ohio (July 2016). Envision Cleveland seeks to bring community transformation through the local church and strategic partnerships with those who desire to see Cleveland restored.
Envision Cleveland Study in PDF Format
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Burkina Faso (October 2016). The Christian and Missionary Alliance entered Burkina Faso, then a French colony, in 1923. Today, more than 69,000 believers gather in 800 Alliance churches under national church leadership throughout this West African nation.
Burkina Faso Study in PDF Format
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Cambodia (October 2016). Arriving in 1923, missionaries with The Christian and Missionary Alliance were the first long-term Protestant workers to enter Cambodia, and Alliance efforts grew into one of the nation’s largest evangelical communities, the Khmer Evangelical Church.
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Chile (November 2016). Alliance missionaries arrived in Chile in 1897 and began working among the Mapuche Indians.
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Guinea (January 2017). The Alliance entered the vast and unevangelized land of French Guinea in 1919.
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Germany (February 2017). The Alliance has had a presence in Germany since 1975; ministries began in Berlin in 1997. Through church-planting efforts in former East Berlin and a church that was started to reach internationals as well as Germans, many lost people have encountered Christ and made a decision to follow Him. Unique friendship evangelism venues facilitate opportunities to introduce Christ naturally in conversations with those who previously have thought God to be irrelevant.
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Senegal (March 2017). Senegal, a country of more than 13.6 million people, is one of The Alliance’s newest fields. Evangelical Christians number about one-tenth of 1 percent of the population. An Alliance team entered the country in 2006 to begin working alongside African sister churches and Alliance World Fellowship regional leaders.
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Indonesia (April 2017). In 1928, pioneer missionary Robert A. Jaffray surveyed Indonesia, known then as the East Indies. Even as the Great Depression threatened to curtail his work, Jaffray urged The Alliance to move forward. Hundreds of churches were established, Bible schools sprang up, and C&MA missionaries shared the good news of Jesus with people groups scattered across the world’s largest archipelago nation.
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Mali (May 2017). The Alliance entered Mali, home of the fabled city of Timbuktu, in 1923. Many Alliance missionaries labored faithfully for more than a decade in this spiritually arid climate before seeing a single convert. Today, less than 1 percent of the Malian people follow Jesus. Yet through God’s grace and the prayers of His people, Alliance workers and their national partners are building communities of faith among previously resistant groups, including the Bozo and the Gana people.
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Paraguay (June 2017). The Alliance began ministry in Paraguay in 1960 with missionaries from Argentina. For 35 years, there was only one church. Through various outreaches, the Body of believers has grown to include five Alliance churches, which officially received national church status in 2005. Today, the C&MA in Paraguay has a multicultural team that includes missionaries from the United States, Chile, Argentina, Trinidad, and the Philippines. Our workers are using creative church-planting approaches such as English classes, Awana clubs, and basketball outreach. “Nearly every Sunday, we have a new person who attends our church because his child went to Awana,” Alliance workers report.
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Mongolia (February 2018). In the late 1800s, Mongolia’s first missionaries were nailed to boards, thrown into wells, and force-marched across the Gobi desert. Mongolia became a communist country in 1921, and all Christian workers were expelled. For the next 70 years, Mongolia was isolated from the outside world. By the late 1980s, there were less than 10 known believers.
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Gabon (January 2019). During the throes of the Great Depression, Alliance missionaries from Congo surveyed South Gabon and discovered vast areas that had never been reached with the Good News of Jesus. The first missionaries entered the country in 1934.
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France (February 2019). Our initial ministry goal in France was centered upon reaching the many Southeast Asian refugees fleeing to that country in the 1960s. C&MA ethnic churches remain strong in France; however, we now direct our labor and resources primarily toward reaching the French people with the hope of Christ.
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Congo (March 2019). When Alliance missionaries sailed for the Congo in 1884, they were hardly prepared for the life-threatening realities of overseas ministry. A Baptist missionary in Africa had written: “Cruelty, sin, and slavery seem to be as millstones around the necks of these poor people…brethren, come over and help us.” The call fell upon the hearts of five young men who had graduated from the C&MA’s newly formed Missionary Training Institute. Their objective: to establish the first overseas mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
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Japan (April 2019). The Alliance has a rich history in Japan and has played a key role in advancing the gospel there. Our missionaries entered the country in the early 1890s, a few decades after Japan opened its doors to the outside world.  They settled in western Japan and began evangelizing and training Japanese believers to reach their countrymen with the good news. Our Japan missionary force reached a peak of 16 missionaries in the early 1900s but withdrew from the country in 1937. In 1952, the C&MA resumed ministry there.
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